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Dealing Floors

Dealing rooms are made up of desks, specialized by product or market segment that share a large open space.

Our world class dealing room solutions create fully built dealing rooms with proven products. They range from specialist dealing desks and seating; to dealer-board telephony; to high performance workstations and monitors through to audio-visual information systems. It’s very important to your long-term trading performance that you have a proper area in your office to trade from, because your environment has a direct influence on your mindset, and your mindset has a huge affect on your overall trading performance.

DBH Solutions provide you with clutter-free work environment that helps foster a clutter-free mind. Our team oversee initial design and specification, through procurement and installation to on-going support, development and re-configuration of installations. Strong long term relationships with specialist communications and technology providers means they can assist with offering a seamless and efficient service to changing business needs or create a ideal working environment.

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